Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Just thought you ought to know...

And if you get that quote you get a big shiny gold dork star (unless you're Phil, in which case you already have too many(boosh))

ANYWAYS I'm posting this just to tell yall that I'm going away, FOR A MONTH. Which is an inordinate amount of time. I will be in Canada with some of my favourite people for two weeks, and then California with some of my other favourite people for another two weeks.
I shall return to the shores of bonny old England on the 3rd of September, which right now feels sooooo far away! I'm sure it will seem like no time at all...

I might even post here during my time away but just in case you were thinking to yourself "Where on earth has that wonderful Alan character got to? He was pretty great wasn't he?", well, now you know.

Have a nice August! :D